Good Times! Daxko’s Summer Impact Day

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Last week, the Daxko family participated in our company’s biannual Impact Day, a whole day of service to our community. Threats of storms and heavy rains couldn’t keep us away as we set sail to our destination.

For this Impact Day, we revisited the familiar grounds of Camp Cosby, a summer camp and branch of the YMCA of Greater Birmingham. Last summer, Daxko team members ran into a bit of poison ivy. This year, they ran into a snake!

Luckily, the Daxko trailwork crew had a seasoned woodsman to save them. (No snakes were harmed during the lifesaving mission.)

The team members cleaning the Adventure Village cabins came across some treasures and even some long-lost letters to home!

All fun stuff aside, I’m sure all at Daxko can attest to the warm and fuzzies we felt looking back on that day, just knowing all the good we were able to do en masse. It’s a true privilege for Daxko to allow us to do something like this twice a year. It’s a great day of relationship-building across the company, and it gives us the opportunity to help others in ways that they might not be able to help themselves. Thanks, @Daxko!

Check out some of our past Impact Days for more fun memories and to see how Daxko provides team members with opportunities to positively impact their communities even outside the office walls.

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