Create a Culture of Excellence

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How can you be a person of influence in a culture that has influences coming from every direction? We live our lives constantly bombarded with influences from school, workplaces, friends, family, communities, TV, social media, the web, you name it. We have to make the decision, in the midst of the chaos, on whether or not we will follow culture or be somebody who sets culture.

Being a leader means to be a person of influence. We’re influenced all the time without knowing it. Mediocrity, for example, is a culture. You know people living in this culture: the people that got by in school making Cs. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with Cs, if you worked really hard for them. I’m talking about the people that made Cs when they knew they had the ability to make As but simply didn’t want to put in the effort.  People like that are comfortable living a mediocre lifestyle. That’s fine. However, a leader has to be someone that doesn’t follow culture, a leader must rise above culture.

How do you rise above the chaos? Create your own culture of excellence. Even if everyone else is comfortable being mediocre (or less than mediocre) at work, at school, or in their personal lives, you must strive to be excellent. Here are ten things to focus on. If you work to be excellent in the following focus areas, I promise that people will notice a difference in you. You’ll gain respect, and you’ll become a person of influence.

  1. Hold the highest standards.
  2. Be a person of integrity.
  3. Add value to people.
  4. Work harder.
  5. Over-deliver.
  6. Bring new insights.
  7. Make a difference.
  8. Find a better way.
  9. Constantly learn.
  10. Model the behavior of someone who made a difference in your life.

Chapple C. is a Marketing Coordinator who enjoys breathing fresh air, consuming a good book, and reveling in quality time.


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