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Trend Reports & Surveys: Programs Participation & Administration

By April 25, 2013 No Comments

In 2012, more programs were profitable and less programs lost money than in 2011.

Organizations say implementing online registration would be most effective in minimizing administration for programs. At the same time, just 6% have full confidence in online registration as a way to increase participation.


Using targeted marketing materials, such as emails or flyers, is identified as the number-one way to increase participation. Keep in mind, however, that updated website information provides the best place for the “more information” referenced in an email message or flyer, and reaches those outside of the facility who don’t receive a flyer.

As is the case with membership, organizations are not placing confidence in their websites as a vehicle for enhancing the program experience—but they should. Registering for programs online can provide immediate gratification for someone wanting to interact with your organization. The ability to register on cue means participants have less time to talk themselves out of participation. Plus, it takes pressure off someone who is new and simply wanting to explore his options.

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