The People Team and Agile?

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About 4 weeks ago, the People Team began using Agile as our project management methodology.  Some of you may have seen a couple of my tweets with a picture of a task board making this announcement.  At the time, I was really excited but nervous at the same time.  Jason B, Daxko’s Agile Coach, helped me along the way.

So first, let me answer the first question that I know many of you are already asking. Why does the People Team need to use Agile? Very good question.  The People Team is made up of more than just our day to day task like recruiting, payroll, team member relations, benefits, recruiting, performance management, Culture Blog, and recruiting. Although these things take up the majority of our time, we also have many projects that are time sensitive in nature and are one offs.  Examples include Career Fairs, implementing and following up with an electronic PTO system, and other things that take our team and our company to the next level which, right now is an Onboarding Process.  (Shameless plug – To learn more about a day in the life of the People team, attend our TMD on next Wednesday, March 13th).

As a team, we typically find ourselves having big ideas and great intentions but then change happens and we have to recruit for 15 positions and maintain whatever in our day to day.  The People Team was having a difficult time executing on the projects we started.  So we engaged Jason and asked for help.

Side Note: We are not the first non-technical team at Daxko to use Agile.  The Marketing team utilized this method a few years ago and found it successful as well.  Check out April B’s post Agile: Not Just for Software Development Anymore.

Jason introduced me to Agile and how it can work for our team.  He shared a number of articles with me reflecting how other teams outside of software have used it and have been successful. I was pumped, Dawn was pumped. This could work for our team. Let’s roll it out.  Honestly, I think our team was nervous, but they were willing to try it.

Over the next few weeks, I (and maybe another member of the team) want to share with you our journey into Agile.

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