The Best Donor Recognition Letter I’ve Ever Received

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Full disclosure: I am not a fundraising professional, but I donate often to nonprofits and recognize a great donor recognition letter when I see one.

During the holidays last year, my husband made a financial contribution to Magic Moments, a local nonprofit granting non-medical wishes of chronically ill Alabama children. His donation went towards fulfilling the wish of Trevor, an adorable little boy who has battled cancer since he was only 18 months old. Trevor wanted to experience the Happiest Place on Earth with a trip to Disney World. After writing a check, we had forgotten about the donation in the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

A few weeks ago, we received the most wonderful letter in the mail from Magic Moments, letting us know that Trevor’s wish had been granted. It made such an impact on us that I wanted to discuss it here. Here’s what made this letter so special to us as donors:

1. It painted a vivid picture of what our gift was used for and the delight of the recipient.

2. Attached to the e-mail was a color photo of Trevor finding out that his wish was granted, so we could see the sheer joy that our gift had brought to him.

3. It was signed with a ballpoint pin by the Executive Director and Director of Development with a personal note of thanks from each.

4. The letter references the date of our gift and the amount, which is handy for tax purposes.

It’s those special details that bring warmth to the heart of donors hoping to make a difference in a cause they care about. And it’s those special details that they’ll remember when it comes time for them to help you again.

We’d love to hear from you. In what creative ways have you shown donors the impact of their contributions?

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