Built to Amaze

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This weekend I enjoyed the “Greatest Show on Earth,” with four of my closest friends under the age of 12. From the nose bleed section I watched as four pairs of sweet little eyes were captivated by a song, a show, a baby elephant, and a clown covered in sludge.

This particular event was named Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey “Built to Amaze,” and as the name implies, from start to finish, this three hours of spectacular performance, kept us captivated, intrigued and amazed.

The climax of the evening comes heralded by a troop of elephants, unicycle riding basketball players, an ever flipping group of acrobats, more clowns than a Chevy Tahoe could hold, and a flash of pyrotechnics. We applaud relentlessly and immediately begin reviewing our favorite moments.

Years of training, months of planning, and 100+ performers and crew traveling 350 miles by train, caring for 97 animals, ranging from ferrets to tigers, and working tirelessly for 16 hours brought the circus to us. Every aspect of this performance, the length of which the human cannonball will travel, the height of the tight rope, the timing of the performers entrance and exit, all is perfectly built to amaze.

Being built to amaze is a foundational customer experience principle. To provide an exceptional experience we must analyze and be intentional in every aspect of our performance. Daxko-wide, we have spent time examining our processes in this new year, with each department reviewing their successes and areas of improvements, and striving to make every moment amazing.

Enter the building to glowing multi-color art, make a call to any one of our raving fans from a Star Wars themed room, join us for lunch underneath the garage doors, listen to hundreds of members being engaged or call into support, and you will see that Daxko is built to amaze.

Chad S. is a Customer Experience Data Specialist who sees the cup as always half full- because the drinks are free!

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