There’s No "I" in "team!"

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One of Daxko’s many appealing traits as an employer is the company’s collaborative culture. We’re so collaborative at Daxko that one of our core values is synergistic teamwork. We don’t just preach it, we actually live it.

Collaboration within our teams
We know that two brains are always better than one. Within our teams, we work together to get the job done. Each team member brings a unique perspective, so everyone’s input is valuable. We can bounce ideas off of each other until we hit the right solution for the right problem.

Because we’re so collaborative in nature, communication and support are key. (It’s comforting to know that I can always count on my team members when I’m in a jam!)

Cross-team collaboration
The collaboration at Daxko can also be seen across our different organizational areas. This cross-team collaboration is essential to concepting, building, and communicating the best solutions for our customers. Just one example of this kind of collaboration is Daxko Lab Days.

Lab Days really showcase some intense collaboration: self-organizing teams of software engineers, interaction designers, product managers, and QA engineers work closely together on new feature or product ideas that have potential to help solve a customer (internal or external) problem. It’s a fun event that happens a few times a year! Any Daxko team member (regardless of role) can pitch ideas for the teams to work on.

Collaboration with customers
This is something you don’t see at a lot of companies, unfortunately. Our team members work closely with customers to determine their needs before, during, and after implementation. One interesting way Daxko’s collaborated with customers is by involving them in the product design process. We strive to get feedback early on in the design process so we can make sure any ideas we have in the works will effectively meet a customer need.

No company’s perfect, but I think Daxko’s figured out one of the secrets to growing a healthy, productive organization: teamwork!

Astrid P. is an interaction designer who will one day design a better way to design a better way.


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