Business Advice from Buddy the Elf

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Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books, the interactive series where each stories conclusion hinged upon the readers choices? This blog is my Daxko adaptation. As you read this follow the prompts. Our hero’s outcome lies in your hands, choose well.

With pointed ears, rosy cheeks, green and red tights, fuzzy ball hat and jingle jangle coat the Elf was most likely the most conspicuous person in the Riverchase Galleria last Saturday. His church was playing Where’s Waldo, a hide and seek game in which a few adults disguise themselves and walk the mall for two hours while the other players try and find them. In his attempt to change his appearance the Elf found that he was an amazingly unattractive lady, could not pull off blonde hair, and anything other than pale skin accentuated his blue eyes. The next logical step, lose the khaki’s and button down- dress as an Elf. This is December in the heart of Alabama; it should be relatively simple to blend in with any number of the other elves in the mall, right? Not right. Every passerby seemed to notice! Elf had to find somewhere he could blend in with the crowd, where he could effectively become invisible.

If you believe our elfin hero would be best hidden in the food court go to Option 1.

If you believe our elfin hero would be best hidden in the elevator go to Option 2.

If you believe our elfin hero would be best hidden in Santa’s Workshop go to Option 3.

Option 1:

The hundreds of connoisseurs of cheap mall food hid Elf as well as the Chinese restaurant hid the fact that all of their meat was the same undistinguishable but delicious mess. Elf tried to hide beside the Chick-Fil-A cow, but unfortunately an eight foot bovine and a glowing jingling Elf brought a crowd. Within minutes Elf was found. You Lose.

Business Application 1:

If you go where people are, people will see you.

Option 2:

What could be a better hiding place than the elevators! Few people use the elevators, those that do are only on for a few moments, and it is not likely that the players would bypass the opportunity to take escalators, (because everyone loves stairs that require no legwork). Unfortunately, the elevators have glass walls, and Elf became an instant attraction. “Mom look at that flying Elf.” Within minutes Elf was found. You Lose.

Business Application 2:

If you do something interesting, people will watch you.

Option 3:

Elf jumped with joy as he neared Santa’s Workshop. Elf found angel’s perched atop evergreens, tinsel covered railings, impeccable wrapped boxes stacked head high, and the big man himself, with his jolly smile radiating for the child atop his lap! This was an Elf’s natural environment. He hid himself amongst the other elves, ushering children to Santa. Elf was hidden- until the manager of Santa’s workshop became curious as to why Elf did not take his break when the other elves left the workshop. The manager became enraged that Elf had slipped into her operation and promptly kicked the elf out of the North Pole. Within minutes security found Elf, and he was removed from the mall, which required forfeiting the game. You Lose.

Business Application 3:

When in a group or on a team, stay with your team. (No elf is an island)

I hope you enjoyed your adventure. I certainly enjoyed my time as an Elf.

Happy Holidays!

Chad S. is a Customer Experience Data Specialist who sees the cup as always half full- because the drinks are free!

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