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With this being my first year to attend Reach; I went into the three-day experience with a mixed sense of what it would be like. I’ve attended annual company conferences in the past but they were the stiff, stuffy, stifling kind where everybody shows up begrudgingly and can hardly wait for it to end. These are the kind that make you wonder the point of having an annual conference in the first place. Now I am used to things at Daxko being just a little different and “all together better” but I couldn’t imagine how that would play out at a conference of over 150 Daxko customers.

Enter the Greater Charlotte YMCA. There had been a buzz circulating about a team of Daxko Engage customers that were planning to do a “rap” for Daxko. WAIT…Rap? Rapping customers? Rapping customers at a conference? No way!

Yes way! Jill Moore (left) and Isaac Hill (right) literally rocked the mic with a catchy rap about the benefits of Daxko Engage. The level of energy this duo brought, coupled with clever lyrics and a pretty darn catchy hook brought the entire crowd to their feet as we tried to sing along. The best thing about it was that they did all of this on their own, completely unprompted by anyone at Daxko! Here we were with a customer so moved by the value of our service that they were willing to create a memorable rhyme about it and perform it unabashedly in front of a crowd of over 200. It was awesome!

This experience was, for me, not only brag-worthy but a shining indication of the magnetic culture Daxko creates both internally and externally!

Karen J. is a Market & Member Engagement Evangelist who thinks coffee and Skittles are essentials for a healthy lifestyle.

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