Development By Any Other Name Is…Stagnation

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So I recently received an email from Daxko’s People Team announcing an exciting new development series, aptly named TMD (Team Member Development). The series is a collaborative effort of several departments within the company who realized the need for all team members in the Daxko Nation to have access to ongoing career development resources. When I read the email, I was immediately stoked! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a little bit of an addict when it comes to reading the latest and greatest in Personal and Professional Development. Hearing about tried and true cases from experts in a given industry who have not only lived through seemingly insurmountable odds, but who also had the guts to tell about it always makes me feel like I can conquer anything. It’s a great way to gain perspective to apply to whatever project I happen to be conquering at the moment. But I also realized that opportunities like these are exactly what you make of them. How many times have you attended a conference, lecture series or career development event and never taken action on a single idea or piece of insight you received? For me, it’s happened more times than I’d care to share. The point comes down to this, development opportunities, be they personal, professional or otherwise, are a great way to enhance your skill set, learn new things and gain fresh insight. They are also a complete and utter waste of time if you don’t take action, commit to a plan, and apply the new knowledge you’ve learned to your everyday life.

See you guys August 8th for Round 1 of the Daxko TMD Schedule!

Karen J. is a Market & Member Engagement Evangelist who thinks coffee and Skittles are essentials for a healthy lifestyle.

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