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My Visit to the Levite JCC

By July 10, 2012 No Comments

The other day, I had the great privilege of visiting a great Daxko Organization at the Levite Jewish Community Center. This association has an impressive facility, a friendly staff, and great members.

Their staff and members welcomed me the second I stepped in the door. Everyone I talked to was friendly and I felt like they really cared about me, some of whom didn’t know who I was at first.

You could tell that the staff was proud to work here. Several people wanted to show me around and tell me all about the things that make this JCC so special. Such as the 5 mile biking/hiking trail, several pieces of art on wall drawn or painted by the President of the Board, and a special event Thursday nights watching a movie in the pool or singing Karaoke.

I spent time with the ladies at the front desk who had a huge task of balancing checking in members, taking program payments, coordinating swim lesson schedules, folding and giving out towels, showing people where different rooms were in the facility, contacting maintenance for a variety of issues and so on and so on. These ladies are incredible multi-taskers. And they have one of the most important jobs at the JCC by being the first face the members see when walking in the building, essentially being the face of the JCC. They also have the great privilege of getting to know each member and their children, including two of the members I met: a holocaust survivor and a man who gave the Front Desk staff 1 dollar so they could get a coke.

I also got to spend time with several different directors including the Fitness Director, the Membership Director, and the Finance Director. I got to learn more about the issues they had and the things that they wished they could change. One common theme was Online Registration. Their members sometimes have problems registering online. We talked through their issues and I helped them figure out a plan of action.

This trip really gave me perspective into the life of an employee at the JCC. While my world revolves around supporting our Software and helping our customers, their world revolves around their members. It’s an eye-opener to see how my work affects so many people from the 5 year old coming for swim lessons to the Fitness Director needing to create an email to all program participants.

The experience has made me thankful to work for a company that helps so many organizations influence their communities in a positive way.

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