Lab Days From an Outsider

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If you follow Daxko communication, you have seen a number of tweets, pictures, and Facebook status updates related to Lab Days.  Lab Days for Q2 officially ended with the announcement of the winners earlier today.  I will get to the winners in a moment, but I thought I would share my thoughts on the entire Lab Days concept from the role of an outsider.

There aren’t too many outsiders at Daxko.  An outsider is someone who doesn’t work with or in the Daxko software, at all. I don’t mean once a month or even once a quarter. I mean never been in the system.  The teams that are included in the outsiders’ group are Accounting, Admin and the People Team.

With that being said, I really don’t know much about the ins and outs of Operations, Accounting, or any other software that we provide. I know what solution our software provides and can accurately articulate that to a stranger, but I don’t think I can add anything of value to a discussion between a Trainer, a Support Associate and a Software Engineer. On the surface, Lab Days for an “Outsider” would probably seem boring.  But it’s not.

Lab Days actually introduced me to how our system works, how it can be improved or added to AND why. I think the “Why” is the most important thing.  Some cool things about it all include:

  • Getting to see members of the Software Engineering team in action.  Other than recruiting them or an Impact Day, I really don’t get the opportunity to see the work of an Engineer.  Lab Days show off their innovation, team work, excitement and personalities.
  • Getting to hear and understand ideas from of our team and our customers.  Small things that are annoying, new things that will open the door for a myriad of other possibilities and things I never would have thought would complement our existing solutions are all displayed during Lab Days.
  • Although said a lot, cross-team functionality is really displayed during Lab Days. Members of various teams across the company participated in Lab Days by providing ideas and proving value.  I even answered a question from one of the teams regarding my experience in Accounting and if an idea would make sense. Every thought counts.

Thanks to Matt C and team for implementing this quarterly event.  I really enjoy it as an outsider looking in.

Congratulations to the Master Page & Payment Control team for winning! This team included Adam A, Austin A, Bryan G, Eric T, Jake H, Jeremy P, JP, Mike E, Steven W, and Wei J.  Their project looks like some great stuff that will have a huge impact!


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