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Connecting Members to Your Mission: Part 3

By June 25, 2012 No Comments

In our Connecting Members to Your Mission series, we’ve showcased nonprofits who are finding ways to get their connected members talking. The Kansas City YMCA’s member, volunteer, and coach Matt told us his YMCA life story, and Greg Lee of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA shared how his association got members connecting on Facebook.

We know that connected members are far more likely to be retained—and they also give of their time and give to your programs. But just how far can one single connected member go?

In Champaign County, Illinois, member Amy Armstrong helped lead the way to build the first all-accessible recreational facility in the country. A self-proclaimed “momologist” and mother of Larkin, a special needs child, Amy and her group Larkin’s Place partnered with Daxko and the Champaign County YMCA to provide a safe, secure, and contained environment for those with disabilities. Her vision met with the Y’s need for a new facility resulted in meeting not only their community’s needs, but also the needs of a community within their community.

With natural light, soft colors, wide hallways, and rubber flooring, the new facility meets not only the needs of disabled individuals but of the older population, as well. The Y also features sensory rooms, therapeutic rooms, and dedicated space for parents and caregivers to work one-on-one with children. Even the facility’s waterslide is accessible to all.

Amy is a great example of a truly connected member who came alongside the Y’s mission for youth development and social responsibility and made a real impact. Are your members connecting to your mission by playing important roles in the development of your association’s strategic plan?

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