In part one of our Connecting Members to Your Mission series, we showcased the Kansas City YMCA and their member Matt, who so effortlessly verbalized the Y’s mission we just had to get it on film.

A sure sign of truly connected members is them knowing how to tell their Y stories and share them with their friends. With word of mouth as the primary member recruitment tool, your members are your best megaphone, hands down. Are you making sure to identify these folks, and capturing what they have to say?

Greg Lee, Chapel-Hill Carrboro YMCA, explains how his Y used Facebook to drive member connections and increase web traffic. The trick? Seeking out the members who were already connected and encouraging them to post on the Y’s Facebook wall. With their current members as the catalysts, the Y was able to articulate their mission to a broader audience.

Other ideas to get your constituents connecting online:
Simple goes a long way. The Northshore Y identified seven reasons people love summers at their association—and put them all together in a quick one-minute video that they promoted across various social media platforms. Don’t have a video resource on staff? Gauge the interest of members—you may have a video whiz on your fitness floor every morning who’s ready and willing to pitch in.

How are you showing off connected members online? Are you giving voice to the people who love to speak on your behalf?

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