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Market Research Basics: The Legendary PMA (Part 2)

By May 23, 2012 No Comments

What’s most important is what you do with your PMA. A PMA is used to help you see what areas of your market you are best penetrating. A PMA is a good tactical tool to help you see where your best future opportunities for attracting new members are. It can help you understand more about your communities and members.

But there are lots of things that PMAs are not. They might help you figure out if there are enough rooftops in your area for a new location, but they are not appropriate to tell you if you should invest in that new location, what programs you should offer, or where that new program delivery center should be located. You need primary research for that—conversations with your community to find out what they value, what they will pay for your services and programs, and how their travel patterns impact your location selection. PMAs also won’t tell you if those rooftops are going to connect to your fundraising case or your volunteer opportunities.

In summary, PMAs are an inexpensive, but valuable research tool if you use them for what they’re intended.

But if you’re trying to make strategic decisions about the future of your organization, you need more than a PMA. You need a market research professional and process that can help you gather and analyze the data you need to chart your course.

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