How Now Daxko Cow

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Mooove over Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys. Here come the cows.

No, this is not a Chic-fil-A advertisement with slightly illiterate cows telling you to eat more chicken. It’s the Daxko Customer Experience team. And have we got some Mooos for you.

Let’s face it. Here at Daxko we don’t do things the boring, old stuffy way. So when one of our System Administrators from a local JCC asked about the herd of livestock on our desks, we told her about our way of rewarding a job well-done.

When a Customer Experience team member observes another moo-velous team member doing an udderly wonderful job at something that goes above and beyond their normal everyday tasks, they can give them a cow. Not a real bovine, mind you, but a small, plastic cow that you can keep on your desk or in your trophy case at home next to your bowling trophy.  This way we can all remember the team member’s ‘dairy’ good work for-heifer.

The cow-giving ceremony involves writing a brief description and your initials on the cow, and giving it to the employee who took the bull by the horns. Next, you write an email to the team describing the deserving employee’s mooooving performance.

You may think we’re crazy for giving away cows for awards. Maybe we have mad cow disease. But as I learned in the Chic-Fil-A leadercast on Friday, motivating employees to do their job and recognizing them for hard work is a great way to build an outstanding team. And that is certainly something every business and leader is trying to achieve, or round up.

So put your hooves together for this Amoosing award. I herd I’m getting one for writing this blog post.

And for the cowboys and cowgirls out there providing excellent customer experiences to our current and future associations, this one’s for moo.

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