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Inside the YMCA Movement: 2012 Trends and Opportunities

By May 29, 2012 No Comments

There are over 900 Ys across the United States that together form the Y Movement. As the leading provider of software and services for YMCAs, it’s important for Daxko to have our finger on the pulse of the Movement to help guide us in developing solutions to meet their changing needs. This year we decided to go straight to the source. We asked Ys what they see as their biggest challenges and opportunities for the previous and coming year, and we discovered a few trends along the way.

So was there any particular trend that jumped out at me? Well, as a matter of fact there is. 48% of respondents said that their operating budgets will increase this year fueled by membership sales and higher rates. Retaining current members is equally important if not more so in order to achieve this increase. It looks like Ys are on the right path to achieving this.

According to the results, the three most helpful factors to retaining members are connecting members to the mission, improving or expanding facilities, and improving or expanding the programs and services offered at the Y. Completing the strategic mission, facility improvements, and partnerships to broaden programs are a few of 2011’s achievements and 2012’s opportunities that directly tie back to the top three factors in retaining members.


Besides generally educating ourselves on what the Y Movement is up to, how will we use the results? Not only will the results guide the development of solutions to meet the needs of the Movement, but it will also fuel a variety of resources that address many of these challenges and opportunities.

For starters, we put together a fundraising resource booklet that provides a few different resources to help Ys overcome the fundraising challenges currently facing associations. Up next, we’re going to tackle the topic of connecting your members to your mission.

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