Make Your Website Personal and Social

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We live in a fast paced, short attention span, information snacking, overwhelmed, and generally exhausted world. Now that we’ve come to terms with that, how do we take advantage rather than getting lost in all the noise?

The reality is that many marketers have answered that question, implementing tools to make their websites more interactive, personal, and social. Nonprofits are at risk of falling behind.

So what can we do to turn that around? We know that people give money and time to causes that they relate to personally. They give when they are stirred personally and emotionally by a story of the impact of an organization. They give when they believe they can be a part of that impact.

We all know this and we know that you are GOOD at it! Any one of you could sit down over coffee and have me in tears with story after story of how your organization has changed lives. Within five minutes of sitting down with me, you would know exactly which stories to tell me and exactly what would get me going.

So why not do the same online?

There are also tools such as Kimbia ( allow your volunteers to make your story more personal and also share with their friends through social media.

What examples have you seen? What ideas do you have? We’d love to hear them!

Austin Merritt is director of market strategy for Daxko.

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