Being a Daxko Mom

By April 10, 2012 One Comment

You couldn’t turn a corner in the office a few months ago without running into a pregnant lady.  In fact, I was one of three in the marketing team sporting a baby bump last fall (don’t drink the water, folks).

Because our son Patrick is our first, I had absolutely no idea what it would be like to be a mom, much less a full-time working mom. I’d like to tell you I was calm and confident anticipating this life change, but let’s be honest.  I was a train wreck.

While I’ve only been a mom for 16 weeks now and a working mom for four of those, I was silly for getting so worked up over being able to handle it.  Daxko is a great company for working moms and has made this transition so much easier.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Six Weeks Paid Maternity Leave:  Being able to spend precious time getting to know your little one while still getting a paycheck?  Yes, please!
  • Mother’s Room:  We have a private mother’s room on site and have even added another temporary space for new moms to use due to the recent baby boom.
  • Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork:  Synergistic teamwork is one of our company’s core values and it has been ever-apparent since I returned.  My team happily pitched in to help keep things running seamlessly while I was enjoying time at home with Patrick (thanks, guys!).  And they welcomed me back with open arms, bringing me right back up to speed on what I had missed.

Sure, juggling being a mom while working full-time isn’t a breeze, but I honestly can’t think of anywhere else that I’d like to do that than at Daxko!

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