An Alternative to Committees

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One of the biggest challenges I am seeing in major campaigns is recruiting top-tier leadership. The words “committee” and “meetings” send them running. However, they often say, “But I’d be willing to open a few doors.” Which is what we want them to do anyway, right?

I’m working with an awesome Y that agreed to go a little rogue with me on a new idea. We blew up the org charts and job descriptions and went to the leaders we knew we needed and we knew cared about the Y. We shared the inspiring vision, told them what we needed and asked how they would be willing to help. Then we created a plan that worked for them honing in on the 3-5 key contacts they could make.

Occasionally we pull a couple of them together or schedule a call when needed to discuss strategies or coordinate contacts—but definitely a much different feel than scheduled monthly meetings.

The result? A “who’s who” roster of engaged leaders we never dreamed we’d get, and a branch campaign that went from $11 million based on the feasibility study to $20 million. And the best part: the volunteers are asking us, “Shouldn’t we have a meeting?”

Julie Sistrunk is director of financial development for Daxko T2 Consulting.

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