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New & Improved Leadership Structure

By March 19, 2012 No Comments

2011 ushered in a lot of change at Daxko. A couple of the most significant changes were the addition of the Triangle 2 team, now known as Daxko T2 Consulting, and the launch of Impact Services to assist our customers in the direct execution of their mission.

With these changes came considerable growth, and with that growth came the need for more changes.

So, in January of 2012, we announced new roles for a number of people on our Leadership Team in order to organize our business around our three primary sources of revenue… software products, Impact Services and T2 Consulting.

The leaders (or “owners” so to speak) of those 3 areas are:

  • Britney Summerville, SVP of Impact Services
  • Matt Cowell, SVP of Software Products
  • Tom Massey, SVP of T2 Consulting (not pictured above)

Stretching across these three areas, April Benetollo (SVP of Market Strategy) has responsibility for sales and marketing, Jonathan Sides is our CFO and Dawn Hrdlica-Burke is our VP of People.

Delanea Shafer continues in her role as VP of Customer Experience with responsibility for our support, implementation, solutions and training teams.  However, she now reports to Matt Cowell as part of the software products group.  Additionally, product strategy/management is now part of Matt’s expanded role.

Finally, Derek Cunningham continues to lead our sales team, but now reports to April Benetollo.

These changes were made to accomplish 4 primary priorities:

  1. Clarity
  2. Focus
  3. Speed
  4. Performance

I’m confident in the capabilities of this team, and I expect it will result in even more positive impact for those member-based nonprofits we have the privilege of serving.  For our customers, I hope that this brief overview helps you determine who is the right person to contact based on your specific need.

You can read more in-depth profiles of those mentioned above at

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