Growing up, I had dreams of being a veterinarian, archeologist, track star, etc… Of course, it all changed as I got older, but we all had dreams of being something like a firefighter, lawyer, police officer, or astronaut. The sky was the limit! Some of us are still dreaming of what we want to be… Not me, not anymore. I can truly say I am working in my dream job as a Jr. Talent Sherpa and with my dream company, Daxko!

I work with great people and I have access to unlimited caffeine! Those are not the only reasons I consider working at Daxko to be my dream job; there are other Daxko perks I think you should check out… professional development, team member rewards, time off, etc.

Now, this is where I pose a few questions to you: Have you found your dream job? What steps are you taking in searching for that dream job?

You’re probably thinking, “What great questions! I should have asked myself those years ago!” Well now is a great time to start thinking of how you can get your search on for that dream job… And I am here to help! So let’s start by customizing a plan and let’s start with YOU.

  1. Have you thought about reasons you are interested in your dream employer? Let’s say your dream employer is, oh I don’t know… Daxko. Why would you be interested in a company that has been recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work in Birmingham”? Think about a few good reasons before you apply and then have the best reason on hand when asked.
  2. Check them out! Follow, like, and slightly stalk even your dream company through social media networks.  We have a strong social media presence at Daxko and we keep our information current on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We even have cool videos and pictures of our Team Members living out their dreams whether singing about their ‘Last Family Lunch’ or dressing as ‘Spider Girl’ on their first day. How cool is it to stay in the know of what’s taking place at Daxko… oh, I mean your dream company.
  3. Lastly, don’t give up. Be persistent and don’t spread yourself too thin. Hone in on companies with which you can see yourself possibly being a lifer. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Revamp your approach. Remember you are not just looking for another job; you are looking for a career. There is truly a difference!

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