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What Character!

By December 1, 2011 No Comments

My first couple of weeks at Daxko, I have had a chance to chit chat with so many different team members while my morning coffee is brewing in Dax Park, working hard with the Zoo Crew for Impact Day, shadowing Impact Services (who has great Part-Time MET positions available), weekly Family Lunch, Annual Family Tailgate, etc. Keep in mind I have only been with Daxko for a few weeks and I have already been involved in all of that and more! With each encounter, I always leave with a great impression of the team member and a lingering thought, “They are so talented” and “What great character”.

During my holiday downtime, downtime away from the malaise of the black friday sales and eating of leftovers; I decided to finally clean out my neglected email account…Finally! While browsing through a few emails, I ran across one of my favorite, ‘Tuesday Tips’ by Dr. Alan Zimmerman discussing character. It caused me to reflect upon my chance encounters with the many Team Members of Daxko… I know, I know … I should be enjoying my holiday and not thinking about work, but who can stop thinking about the place… It’s full of not just talented team members, but team members with character! Now, no doubt I have run into a few ‘characters’ too. Included in Dr. Zimmerman’s article are definitions of what it means to not just have talent but character too:

  • Talented people are sometimes tempted to take shortcuts. Character prevents that.
  • Talented people may feel superior and expect special privileges. Character helps them know better.
  • Talented people are praised for what others see them build. Character builds what’s inside them.
  • Talented people have the potential to be difference makers. Character makes the difference in them.
  • Talented people are a gift to the world. Character protects that gift.

All that talk about character lead me to our core values here at Daxko – Integrity without Compromise, Sense of Ownership, Synergistic Teamwork, and Fun. What I have realized is not only do we here at Daxko believe in these values, we exemplify them through our character!

Something to keep in mind a comedian by the name of Will Rogers told people: “Live in such a way that you wouldn’t be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip!”. So as I continue to hear the bell ring, I understand that our ‘parrot’ is saying some pretty good things to our customers about our character.

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