At Daxko, we believe in doing our research and pride ourselves on knowing our customers and markets very well.  Of course, we also know our internal “customers” and their process/tool challenges very well.

In accumulating this knowledge, we have generated a million ideas of things we could do to capture the imagination of the market or dramatically increase the productivity of our internal teams.  Daxko Lab Days are about Daxko Product Development team members (any role) grabbing hold of an idea and unleashing their creative spirit to solve a particular market or internal problem.  In other words, click the pause button on market research, requirements gathering, roadmap development, etc. and instead have some unbridled execution of those ideas!

How does it work?  Daxko Lab Days sets aside one week each quarter for Product Development team members to work on whatever they want, an “experiment” if you will, so long as it is related to our products or internal tools/processes.  As with most things at Daxko, it’s a competition!  The winners get bragging rights and their picture in Daxko Lab Days lab coats posted on the Daxko Lab Days Champion Wall.

Why, you ask?  Here are the goals of our program…

  1. Unleash the creative powers of our team members to deliver some awesomeness to our market or internal teams, quickly.  After all, every team member has a long list of things they’re dying to deliver for our customers, either internal or external.
  2. Spike. Often, radical ideas don’t get traction because we don’t understand how they’d work or what benefit they’d provide.
  3. Have fun!

Stay tuned for details on Daxko Lab Days experiments and winners…

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