Yeah, it’s that catchy little ditty that we all remember from our childhood VBS days. You know, the days where we sat around a table with friends eating those lemon flavored cookies with the hole in the middle while you stared at your buddy and his red kool-aid mustache, only to find out when you got home that you were sporting one too. I’m pretty sure I just realized how old I am and unless you are 30+, you likely have no idea what I’m talking about. So just in case you forgot the words (or have never heard them before), I’ve take the liberty of looking them up for you:

When Israel was in Egypt’s land: Let my people go,
Oppress’d so hard they could not stand, Let my People go.
Go down, Moses,
Way down in Egypt’s land,
Tell old Pharaoh,
Let my people go.

At Daxko, we are always trying to get better. I work on the Customer Experience team and over the last couple of weeks we have started taking a look at how we do things and identifying areas where we can improve and become more efficient. In this business you are either moving forward or falling behind, there’s really no in between.

As we began to dig in to our daily processes and brainstorm to come up with ideas, I was pleasantly surprised with how eager our Team Lead was to listen our ideas. I really shouldn’t have been surprised because, as I’m sure you are aware, we do things different here at Daxko. It wasn’t just the eagerness to listen… it was the encouragement to be creative.

I vividly remember sitting in one of my first team meetings when I came to work here and hearing the VP of Customer Experience say “Guys, I’m not married to the way we do things and if there’s a better way to do it, I’m all ears”. I wondered when that might come into play and if I’m honest, I was probably a little skeptical. After all, most places will find something that works for a season and try to squeeze every new challenge into the same process because “it worked before; it will work now”.

You see, a good leader always recognizes that they are only as good as the people around them. A good leader also recognizes that they don’t have all the answers, and it’s important to allow their team to have a creative outlet. It doesn’t mean that we implement every idea that every team member has, and it doesn’t mean that our leadership sits back and with an attitude of “whatever you guys want to do, knock yourselves out”. We are giving them a bucket of ideas that one person could never generate on their own and because they trust us enough to hear out thoughts, we trust them enough to take them and make the best decision possible for our team and for our customers.

So, although we are not exactly a direct parallel of the people of Israel and their need for freedom from the ruthless leader known as Pharaoh, we probably don’t mirror most of corporate America in our innovative approach either. Daxko really has “Let Their People Go”, when it comes to the freedom to be innovative and creative. It’s another item on a growing list of things that makes this such a great place to work. Maybe we should talk Dave into putting it into one of those awesome parody songs that he has so wonderfully mastered, what do you think?

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