Nick: "I Fell into this Career but Love It"

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Written by Kristi M, Talent Scout

In my recent post, “Did you Find or Fall into Your Career”, I promised that I’d highlight some true Daxko talent and tell their story. Did Nick find or fall into his career? Let’s find out…

When Nick was a little boy, he wanted to be a pilot when he grew up. By the time high school rolled around, that dream had transitioned into something in the science field or even the military. He decided to go to Eastern Oregon University and major in Education (Go Mountaineers!) He thought that was a good general choice, but ended up switching majors to Biology and Environmental Chemistry because it was harder (What!?!)

When I asked Nick what he wanted to do with all that biology knowledge, he said he tried working for the Forest Service — real hands on work in the woods. He camped out for a week as a Field Assistant, but decided that was not for him. He also found out that in order to make it big in that industry, he’d need to get a PhD and he wasn’t interested.

Nick graduated in Biology, but still sought to teach, so he enrolled at Boise State University to get his Masters in Education. He practiced his teaching skills at a special education class at a local high school. He worked there during the week, went to school full-time and put in 40 hours/week at the Treasure Valley YMCA. Needless to say, he was very busy! After a very exhausting year, he decided to quit school and focus on working at the YMCA. He said he “loved the act of teaching, but not all the bureaucracy that teachers had to deal with.”

At the YMCA, Nick contributed in many different areas, including membership, homeschool PE and mountain biking camp (to name a few). He really enjoyed working there and taking advantage of the training courses that were offered. He felt a great sense of purpose making a difference in the community. In fact, he had ambitions to move up and become a branch manager one day. Nick loved working side-by-side with people who were achieving the Y’s mission. He felt his roles were important. He had ownership and felt empowered to make decisions.

So how did Nick find his way to Daxko in Birmingham, Alabama?

Here’s the connection — his YMCA was evaluating new software systems, and Nick was on the software selection committee. He was impressed with Daxko’s software and decided to look into becoming a software trainer at Daxko (with his director’s permission, of course!) Nick could now combine his passion for teaching and passion for the Y! The software industry was a great fit, too, because Nick’s science background helps him approach problems in a different way. He’s very logical.

Like many people at Daxko, Nick has held a variety of roles in his tenure here. In fact, he’s served in 5 different roles in the last 5 years: YMCA software trainer, implementation project manager, support services, association services, association sales and now back to services. When I asked Nick what’s kept him engaged, he replied, “The people. I also believe in our ability to help our customers. The fact that we strive to help make it work for them even when we have to make sacrifices as a company.” He is a big believer in doing things the “Daxko way” — providing an exceptional experience and building relationships with customers.

On a side note, Nick’s other interests include cars (aka anything with a motor) and mountain biking. His dream job would be an automative broker for high end cars.

Do you know some other tidbits about Nick you’d like to share? If so, POST THEM below!

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