One of the more common questions I get asked at career fairs is, “Do you have internship openings for the summer?” Sure, everyone in college tries to secure relevant work experience to list on their resume. Well at Daxko, interns get a lot more than just something to put on paper.

Our interns get real experience working side-by-side with full-time team members, and many times doing very similar work. There’s no busy work or coffee runs here. If we hire interns, we have a big need to fill, such as a new project or more hands on deck to handle the day-to-day tasks. Usually, we don’t know we’re going to hire an intern until the need is upon us. Here are a few success stories from past Daxko interns…

Meet Saranda W. She started interning with Daxko in 2005, while she was majoring in Business Management at UAB. Reflecting on her internship experience, Saranda said, “You have to prove yourself and show what you can do in a short time frame. Always bring your “A” game.” That’s exactly what she did, and only 2 months later became a permanent member of the Daxko team. Saranda contributed to Support Services for 1 year and then moved into a Product Manager role, where she’s helped roll out meaningful software for the last 5 years.

Meet another long-timer, Keith H. He was hired as a sales intern in 2004, right before he graduated from the University of Montevallo with an education degree. During his internship, Keith said he learned to “keep his energy high and show commitment to working hard and getting it done.” This attitude made Keith a “shining star” and 3 months later he was hired full-time. Keith has contributed his talents in many areas (6 different positions to be exact) over his long tenure here.

Meet a newbie, Austin A. He started working at Daxko part-time in 2010 while studying Computer & Information Sciences at UAB. After he aced the project we originally hired him for, we extended his internship to work on an ongoing, part-time basis on our Production Support team while he completes his degree. Here are Austin’s thoughts on what he’s learned so far…

Being an intern taught me two important things that are useful today:  learning the domain of Daxko and settling into the culture of Daxko.  The first taught me how our products and services worked, which has given me a huge head start from coming in without that previous knowledge.  The second has taught me the Daxko way:  how we work together as a family to provide for each other and, most importantly, to our customers.

These are just three success stories. There are so many more! We have hired many interns over the years and will continue to do so because it builds great team members. Instead of hiring a new graduate based off a mere piece of paper, for us, internships provide a 3+ month-long job interview where students can prove themselves.

Are you interested in working for us in a full-time or part-time internship? A great place to meet us is at your college’s career fair. We regularly attend the ones held at UAB, University of Alabama, Auburn University and Samford University. Also, check our website often because as the need arises, we’ll be hiring!


  • Conner Elder says:

    My name is Conner Elder and I am a junior majoring in Marketing at the University of Alabama. I am very interested in Daxko and was wondering if your company offers a summer internship. Thank you for your consideration.

    • Janna B says:

      Hey Conner! Thanks for your interest. We currently don’t have a formalized internship program, but we do occasionally hire interns on a project basis. Any future internship opportunities will be posted on our Careers page, and I’ll make sure to keep your name in mind if internships do come up!

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