Alumni Spotlight – Josh Grenon

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Daxko is a great place to work. That is one thing that I will continue to tell candidates, passer-bys, competitors, and admirers.  I truly believe that.  The one thing that I really admire about Daxko is that it wants it team members to grow professionally. This is encouraged from top to bottom.

We recognize that when you hire the best and continue to provide opportunities for them to develop, it is a given that some are going to move on.  But if they do, we can still say “Did you know he/she used to work for Daxko?”

This is the case with Josh Grenon.  Josh went through the same interview process as all other software engineering candidates, but when he got to the end he stood out as the cream of the crop. That’s when we made the hire.  Eight months later… Josh is a Daxko alum.

Why did he leave? To start his own company! To pursue his passion! Just as The Birmingham News stated,

“With the area’s unemployment levels still elevated, some might think Josh Grenon was a little crazy for quitting a web development job at software firm Daxko to focus full-time on his mobile application development company, MotionMobs

MotionMobs develops mobile applications for tablets such as iPads, smartphones and other mobile devices. His firm has three full-time employees, including him, and three who work on a contract basis. That’s where the name MotionMobs comes from — mobs of people working together to create solutions.”

Check out the Q&A with Josh, also from The Birmingham News.

Q. What do you think makes a strong app?

I think the social aspect of it, and “gamification.” You make the app fun to use. An example is FourSquare: When I come in here (to Urban Standard, a coffee shop on Second Avenue North, where he often works and where we did the interview), I check in and I can receive points to become the mayor of Urban Standard.

Q. What kind of clients do you have?

Clients that usually want to augment their websites for mobile application so you can use it on the go. Say, a beach website: They want an app to augment their website that shows properties, restaurants, locations like that. … You go to the beach, you open your app and it uses a GPS location to find all properties around you that you can rent, restaurants you can go to, venues to show what music is playing around the area. You can just look up the events and call people and get the address or see it on a map.

You can check out more in 5 questions with Josh Grenon, founder of Birmingham’s MotionMobs on Birmingham News’

Congratulations, Josh! We wish you the best!

You can learn more about MotionMobs through their website, on Facebook, twitter, CrunchBase, or LinkedIn.

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