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By December 27, 2010 No Comments

Celebrating Christmas, for me, was wonderful!  I took PTO from Tuesday-Friday of last week.  Mainly had plans to do nothing but visit with
friends and enjoy my family.  On Tuesday morning, I took the boys to daycare, stopped by Donut Joes got an apple fritter, came home had breakfast and then…fired up the computer. My intentions on the computer were not to check Facebook or my personal email, but to do some work before my true time off began.

Honestly I have to tell you, taking time away from work without working is kind of hard for me.  I initially had intentions of doing three things and then moving on.  After an hour of working my email and other things after I finished my three things, I gave myself a shake and refocused…on nothing.  That’s right, I said nothing.  I’m on vacation!

I logged out of my email and close other documents.  I then searched online for a couple of Wii games and started my day of visiting friends.  The only thing is that the friends that I visited were friends from Daxko.  Two close friends recently had babies and I wanted to spend some time with them when I actually had some time.  Yes, we talked about work, if only for a few minutes in the midst of diapers, no sleep, feeding, and funny faces.

Ok, I am going to stop thinking about work.  But as I drive down the road I check my email on my blackberry.


I really and truly enjoyed my time out of the office. I loved watching my boys open their presents, the good food and laughs with family, and the rest.  Believe me, I did!  But I never really let go of work.  Is that a problem? I really just wanted to keep up to date on what is going on at work.  I didn’t reply to many emails. I had to force myself not to check my email when looking at my phone.

I will tell you this, once I finally forgot about my phone, I really, REALLY enjoyed my family. I was able to fully see and hear those cute dances, remarks, and fights over toys between brothers, cousins and family. It was great!

Now, back to work for me, at least until Friday when we are off for New Year’s Day.  We’ll see how I do with email then.

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