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Have You Let Go Today?

By November 8, 2010 No Comments

It seems that every trade publication I flipped through today had a piece on the importance of strong leadership at associations.  Many had solid words of wisdom as to what makes a great association leader.  Perseverance.   Passion for the organization’s mission.  Fiscal responsibility.  Honesty.  Vision.  The list never ends and truly isn’t that surprising.

However, Charlene Li’s “Being Open is the New Way to Lead” from the July issue of Associations Now made me sit up and take notice.  Li makes a great point that leadership is not about controlling everything and everyone at your organization anymore.  Social technology has thrown that idea right out the window, like it or not.

Instead, the greatest indicator of organizational success is…

Hate to leave you hanging, but check out the rest of Lisa’s post (including the greatest indicator of organizational success) on the Daxko Connect blog.  Seriously, go there now.  It’s worth the extra click.

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