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Top 10 @Daxko Peeps to Follow

By October 22, 2010 No Comments

In case you haven’t noticed, @Daxko is all over this Twitter thing.  We’re big believers in the power of social media and like to walk the walk – not just talk the talk.

Almost half our team members reside in the Twittersphere.  We use the tool to communicate product announcements to customers “in the Twitter know” (shout-out to @GregLee).  We’ve even incorporated Twitter functionality into our products – for example, you can easily tweet about an online donation you just made through Daxko Operations.

But, this post is about helping you cut through the tweeting masses to get the real scoop on what happens in the Daxko Nation.  Allow me to introduce my “Top 10 @Daxko Peeps to Follow” list… (drumroll, please)

#10: @BMSummerville – As a member of @Daxko’s Leadership Team and local YMCA board member, you can count on Britney to promote the happenings of Daxko, the mission of The Y, and her fave Auburn Tigers!

#9: @DawnHRrocks – You’d never know Dawn was new to life at Daxko.  Follow her and you’ll stay in the know about Daxko and the world of recruiting/interviewing/career development/etc.

#8: @justinknelson – Justin’s a networking machine and his Twitter stream shows it!  He’s a member of @Daxko’s Sales Team, of course, and can be counted on for local event and org news every social soul should know.

#7: @MelissaWeems – Marketing mind.  Event extraordinaire.  Get a taste for all things Daxko when you follow this fellow tweeter.

#6: @willsansbury – Will’s also new to the @Daxko Team, but brings an eclectic mix of design speak and Daxko 411 to the Twitter world.  He’s also representin’ for the new ATL office Daxko’s slated to open later this year.

#5: @kcscrawford – Katie keeps it interesting with a steady stream of @Daxko info plus quirky accounts from her life as a designer diva.  And, I dare you to try and find a grammatical error in any of her tweets!

#4: @joshgrenon – Josh is one of @Daxko’s uber talented developers.  You can count on Josh to tweet the techie stuff, with just enough local flavor to keep it interesting for us non-geeks.

#3: @Kristi_Merritt – Job seekers, take note!  Kristi, @Daxko’s Talent Scout, is always tweeting about @Daxko and other local events, resume do’s and don’ts, and career opps at Daxko and in the community.

#2: @DaxkoDave – a.k.a. Daxko’s CEO.  Need I say more?  Spend some time in Dave’s Twitter stream and you’ll get a nice blend of @Daxko, local tech community, and industry news.  Plus, a sprinkle of Auburn football, of course!

#1: @Daxko – This one’s a no-brainer!  We’re not one of those wannabe companies that creates but never actually uses our Twitter handle.  No, sir.  You can count on a flow of info and a variety of topics.  (Disclaimer: You will see some crazy photo and video links tweeted.  Do not hold those against the Nation as a whole.)

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