Today DAXKO celebrates an incredible milestone.  Four new hires join our team and we hit number 100 + 1 in team member headcount!!!!!!  Woo-hoo!!!!!!!

For many of us, this has been a long time coming.  Now that it’s finally here, we are going to celebrate all week long!

MondayKick-off Breakfast where we can meet the new hires that sent us over the edge.

This morning we celebrated with bagels, scones, and orange juice while everyone got an opportunity to meet the newbies.  We are also wearing name tags that include the year we started.  It’s good to get to know each other’s history along with those new to the team.

Tuesday – Wear a hat to work day (the funkier the better!)

Wednesday – Bring your favorite candy or make a specialty dish to set on your desk and share with everyone.

Thursday – Get-to-know-each-other Bingo (yes, that cheesy game you play before events)

FridayTeam Theme Competition at the D-Wide Meeting (get creative and show you’re a team)

Be on the look out for some great pictures and posts related to this week’s festivities!


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