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Congrats to The Ming Machine!

By September 29, 2010 No Comments

We’re celebrating another milestone among the Nation today… Ming closed his 2,500th production support case!  The cases that make it onto Ming’s desk require a lot of troubleshooting, analysis, problem-solving, and just plain smarts to resolve.  And, he does it with flair!  In fact, his teammates affectionately refer to him as “The Ming Machine” – there’s just not a case that can stop him.

Ming’s been a member of the DAXKO family since 2005 and is always willing to answer a question or assist a fellow teammate.  In recognition of his efforts, Ming was inducted into the exclusive “2500 Club.”  (So exclusive, in fact, that he’s the first member!)  And, in keeping with DAXKO tradition, the team celebrated Ming’s achievement with donuts.  After all, nothing says “congratulations, buddy” like chocolate-frosted, jelly-filled goodness.

Congrats, Ming – you ROCK!

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