DAXKO Alumni All-Star

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Reading a recent issue of the Birmingham Business Journal, I came across an announcement of Chris Price’s promotion to director of operations for Shelby Baptist Medical Center.

Part of our mission as a company is “to provide rewarding careers for our team members.” Of course, our hope is those careers last as long as possible at DAXKO, particularly for top performers. However, the reality is that people rarely stay in the same company their entire career like they did a couple generations ago. (In fact, the average tenure today is somewhere closer to 2 or 3 years.) So it is our hope that those that do eventually leave DAXKO go on to attain career success wherever they may go… and that their time at DAXKO proves to have been a key contributor to that success. We go so far as to say that we hope it is a “career defining” experience.

Well, back to Chris. He started his career on our services team a few years ago. Then he felt the tug to go back to school to get into healthcare administration…the healthcare industry runs in his family if I remember correctly.  A few short years later (the years of school and work likely don’t feel all that short to Chris), and he is in his new role as director of operations.

There are other similar stories among our alumni, and some that are quite different… whether it is Puja who is leveraging the management experience she got at DAXKO to lead a team of developers in India for her new company after her family decided to move back to their home country, or Natalie who more recently departed to enter culinary school full-time in order to follow her dream to be a chef.

Congratulations, Chris! We are proud to call you a DAXKO alum.

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