10,000 Miles High

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After this brief break in our broadcast, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Now it is time to play catch up!  There have been tons going on at DAXKO.  So over the next week we will play catch up on subjects like Impact Day, Team Member Accomplishments, new faces, and so much more.

So where do we start? The core – Team Member Accomplishments.

One of the teams that I love to brag about is Support.  This team is truly one that exemplifies teamwork and family. It is a strange (strange in a good way) thing to be around the Support pod for more than 2 minutes.  If there, one will be able to sense the brotherly/sisterly jokes, the fatherly support, the motherly caring, and the athletic push to take service to another level.  This atmosphere makes it so exciting to share in an individual accomplishment with the team.

Jessica and Heather both reached 10,000 cases closed during the month of July!  

Heather celebrated her 3 year anniversary in June, and Jessica is set to reach her 3 year anniversary in August.  This means that they roughly closed 275 cases a month.

Don’t be confused, this is no easy feat. A case can range from finding a solution within minutes to researching and working with Engineering Services for hours and then reporting back to a customer.  Many of our customers can tell you that regardless of the issue or time of day, both Jessica and Heather have always been pleasant to talk with and helpful beyond expectations.

Congratulations, ladies! Welcome to the 10,000 mile high club!

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