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April & I decided to put our professional development budgets to good use by attending Marketing Profs B2B Forum in Boston last week.  We came away with tons of great marketing ideas to put into practice here at DAXKO. As with any conference, there were countless presentations by thought leaders in our industry.  Some good, some not so good.  One particular presentation Unleash the Power of Content to Engage Your Prospects stands above the rest as the best presentation I’ve seen in a long, long time.  What made it so great?

  • Multiple presenters.  This presentation was comprised of 4 panelists:  2 content marketing consultants and 2 companies that utilize content marketing.  Each had a different view to share, but it all related back to the unified voice of the presentation.  Having the same point hammered home with different examples made learning easier and more enjoyable.
  • Practice.  Practice.  Practice.   I’m sure that getting four people on the same page was no easy feat.  However, it was apparent that practice was one of the keys to this presentation’s success.  Transitions were seamless.  The presentation ran on time.  We had plenty of time for questions.
  • Handouts.  No, I’m not talking about the handouts you print straight from Powerpoint.  Blech.  Those are a waste of paper in my opinion.  Instead, each participant received a one page “Checklist for Success” so that we could easily refer to and implement the concepts.  An added bonus?  There was a link to the presentation online and even more resources to help us through the process!
  • Be Accessible.  If you’ve done your job of engaging people throughout your presentation, they are going to want to learn more and connect with you.  Will you offer to answer any questions as they work through putting your ideas into practice?  It made a big different to me knowing that these presenters were accessible and willing to help even after the presentation had ended.

Are these the only ways to make a presentation great?   Of course not!  However, I know that implementing at least one of these concepts will take any presentation to another level of greatness!

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