Welcome to DAXKO’s Hot Seat… Choose Wisely

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A quick Internet search for “interview tips” will yield countless suggestions on how to act, what to wear, what not to say, and even where to sit during your interview.  At DAXKO… we recommend you throw those traditional suggestions out the window!  Take the hot seat, for example…

People say that when being interviewed, you should sit facing away from distractions such as people walking by a window, clocks, etc.  Sounds simple enough, right?  When interviewing at DAXKO, you’ll be taken to “Sloss” – we name our meeting rooms after local attractions.  The name’s fitting and for details on why, check out  Upon entering the room, you’ll be given the chance to choose your hot seat.  The questions on every candidate’s mind…

  1. Is this a psychological test of some sort?
  2. Is there a lucky seat?

To answer the first question… no, it’s not a test.  We don’t hide the fact that our interview process is intense, but we don’t play mind games.  We tell people to sit where they’re most comfortable. Whether you like to sit with your back to the wall or the window is up to you.  Just be prepared for some tough interview questions!

As for the elusive lucky seat, some would say “yes” and some would say “no”.   I believe there is a lucky seat.  Here’s how I break it down…

There are four chairs in Sloss, so one would assume that each has about a 25% chance of being someone’s lucky seat.  I always assumed there was a fairly even distribution as to where candidates sat.  However, after a quick poll of 13 DAXKO team members, I found that seven people chose the “back-left” seat – that’s roughly 54%.  I happen to be one of those people who sat in the back-left seat during my interviews… and look where I am today!  Now when candidates ask me about a lucky chair, I point them in the direction of the back-left seat.  It’s worked for several of us so far – maybe it will work for you!

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