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DAXKO Recruiting: How Many Candidates Do We Interview?

By September 22, 2009 No Comments

If there is anything the insertion of technology has done in the hiring process, it’s cheapen the value of each application submitted by a candidate when job hunting.  The old process used to keep a lot of people out of consideration – it took work, including printing your resume, addressing an envelope, maybe doing a cover letter and getting the whole thing out in a timely fashion.

Now, candidates can push send and send out a couple hundred resumes in an afternoon via tools like Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.

Most of which are promptly ignored by the business world.

Which brings me to the point of this post.  Across a few thousand resume/online application submittals, here are the DAXKO stats regarding what the hiring funnel (how many resumes we receive for each position filled, etc.) looks like overall on average to this point in 2009:

  • 62 resumes received/sourced for each open position
  • resulting in 14 phone screens (23%)
  • resulting in 8 first interviews (13%)
  • resulting in 3 second interviews (5%)
  • resulting in 2 third interviews (3%)
  • resulting in 1 hire for the open position in question (1.6%).

Too hard? Too soft? Depends?

First up, I was a little stunned that we actually phone screen 23% of all applicants and interview 13% of those candidates.  The numbers seem a little high to me, and I guarantee you that most Fortune 500s don’t approach those percentages for phone screens and interviews.

But, we don’t use job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder, so the big boards that would drive overall volume for most companies aren’t in play for us.  Which means our capacity to phone screen and interview equates into a higher percentage since the huge resume volume isn’t a problem for us.

Your thoughts?  Always interesting to look at the numbers…

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