Trinexum, CenterPoint, and Y-Vision customers should use the information below to contact our Support Team.



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What former NetVentures Products is Daxko supporting?
Trinexum, CenterPoint, and Y-Vision.  Y-Vision will be supported through April 30, 2015.

Where do I go for support? Who will be supporting me?
Support contact information is 855-971-1211 and We have retained a core team of former NetVentures team members that are familiar with supporting the product.   We have also retained the Trinexum Development Team.  The Trinexum and CenterPoint teams are led by Matt Popinski, who is serving as the General Manager of the Trinexum Business Unit at Daxko. Matt has led Daxko’s support organization for the past 7 years and has a track record of delivering a phenomenal experience to Daxko customers.

Will Daxko change the support hours for Trinexum, CenterPoint, and Y-Vision?
For now, our support hours for Trinexum, CenterPoint, and Y-Vision will remain the same.  We will likely be extending Trinexum Support hours during Q1 of 2015.

Who do I use as an escalation point for issues now?
The Trinexum, CenterPoint and YVision Support details are listed above.  Your escalation contact going forward will be Matt Popinski, GM of the Trinexum Business Unit.  Matt can be reached at or 205-383-1463.

What is Daxko’s plan for future development of Trinexum?
We will continue to support, maintain, and develop Trinexum, including the Hub, Resource Manager, etc. During 2014, we provided 21 releases, corrected 442 defects, and introduced 21 new features to Trinexum.  We will continue at this pace in 2015 and plan on (2) Trinexum releases each month.

Will Daxko continue selling hardware such as credit card swipe terminals, scanners, etc.?
No. The Trinexum Support Team can provide information on where to purchase the hardware that your association needs.

Will Daxko continue migrating Trinexum customers from the Self Service Portal to the Hub?
Yes, we intend to continue that migration.  Please contact the Trinexum Support Team for assistance.

How long will Daxko continue to maintain Trinexum?
We intend to support and maintain Trinexum for the duration of existing contracts (approximately through mid-June 2019).

Will features that are available in Daxko Operations be available in Trinexum in the future?
Generally no.  While we will continue to develop new features in Trinexum that may exist in Daxko Operations, we do not plan to synchronize feature sets between the two products.

Will features that are available in Trinexum be available in Daxko Operations in the future?
TBD.  We are currently evaluating these features and planning for 2015.

How long will Daxko continue to support CenterPoint?
We intend to support and maintain CenterPoint for the duration of existing contracts.  During that period, however, we will likely approach customers with a transition plan to migrate all customers off CenterPoint.

How long will Daxko continue to support Y-Vision?
We will end Support for YVision on April 30, 2015

My Trinexum  and/or CenterPoint contract is up for renewal soon, what are my options?

Our first priority is to ensure we are providing an exceptional experience to the current customers of Trinexum, CenterPoint, and Y-Vision.  We are working with customers that are up for renewal in the near future (12 months) to partner with them on their options going forward.  We are also working to contact all customers up for renewal in the next 12 months.  However, if you have immediate questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

I’m under contract but I would like to switch to another Daxko product, what are my options?
If you are interested in discussing transitioning to another Daxko product, please contact us at and we will schedule time for to discuss your needs and options.

When my Trinexum and/or CenterPoint contract is up, will I be allowed to renew?
It depends on when the contract is up.  For agreements that are up for renewal soon, yes, a shorter term (1-2 years) renewal agreement is an option.  Please contact Matt Popinski for contract discussions.

If I switch, will there be a difference in cost?
There may be some cost differences. Our pricing is not one size fits all and is based on the size of your organization.

Do you plan to force a migration to Daxko products?
No. We intend to honor existing contracts for their duration.