Our industry-leading Daxko Spectrum platform was engineered by decades of knowledge and experience, helping pioneer the health club experience we enjoy today.


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Daxko’s Wellness Center Software is an advanced, fully integrated solution for managing the unique dynamics of the wellness industry. We enable facilities large and small to push the boundaries of data performance.


    • Secure a state-of-the-art provider of advanced solutions and support.
    • Track scheduling, billing and resources through a truly integrated program.
    • Customize data to meet your center’s objectives and expertise.
    • Go online and connect your services to any web-enabled device.
    • Make faster, smarter decisions driven by real business intelligence.


You deliver the perfect mix of nutrition, fitness, spa, therapy and medical expertise. Balanced to achieve wellness and a healthy lifestyle. We deliver the perfect mix of technology, innovation, support and software capabilities. Designed to achieve your mission and business goals. Together, re-imagining today’s wellness center and delivering new levels of customer satisfaction.

And we know your business is different. We give you the freedom to be different, to be fast and flexible enough to explore new directions and capture more revenue.

You truly run multiple businesses under the same roof. You need custom software that can handle your forward-thinking strategy and leading-edge initiatives. You must foster collaboration between diverse professionals, all linked to the same idea. It’s the essence of wellness.

Now you can align your departments. Control your workflow. And connect to a wider audience. Custom setups and an agile architecture help navigate your challenges, ignite your sales, and steer your business in the right direction.

From registration to billing, from resource management to business intelligence, Daxko Spectrum grows and changes with your most ambitious plans. We give you everything in one, streamlined package, so you don’t have to compromise the breadth of your services. So you can maximize your potential.

Wellness centers operate in a sophisticated environment. Multiple disciplines, progressive customers and diverse facilities require you to expect more from your software. A sophisticated platform tailored to your needs. Daxko Spectrum offers a complete software package built for the wellness industry, with proven, premium features that adapt to your ever-evolving marketplace and drive your bigger vision. Partner with us and discover the difference.


Consistent with your holistic approach to health and fitness, Daxko Spectrum offers a robust suite of modules and features that meet and exceed your expectations. Discover new ways to showcase your talents, better ways to grow your business. We connect your different programs and professionals, so you can get back to improving the way we live.

We’ve developed new methods for monetizing data, turning it into meaningful analytics that boost productivity, reduce costs and save time.

“I think the thing that is so beneficial and so unique about Spectrum is that it has a lot of diversity in it and you can tailor the software to do what you need it to do for your business.”

Andy Wipperfurth, Information Technology Manager
Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center


Use Program Registration to register customers with ease and accuracy, and fill up all your programs. It’s built to launch, organize and support the deepest pool of wellness center programs.

Optimize your resource management through Scheduler – one powerful tool for scheduling and payment. Automate appointments and bookings. Eliminate scheduling conflicts and billing errors. Scheduler makes the most of your time and resources.

And leverage the power of the web with Online Services. It’s always on and ideal for registration and scheduling in an interactive, mobile world. Extend your reach, engage more customers, and connect at the right time through Online Services.

We believe in flexibility. Each SpectrumNG module is customizable and fluid, adapting to your specific needs for marketing and customer service.

Notification Manager triggers an unattended workflow based on any new activity generated by members or guests. Turn prospects into members. Sell more premium services. Make downstream connections – based on custom inputs and customer intelligence – to your trainers, doctors, therapists, dietitians and aestheticians in an instant.

Customize SpectrumNG to meet your objectives and match your rules. Wellness Center Software offers endless possibilities for sharing your total wellness philosophy – and providing your best customer experience.