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Secure your facility and keep traffic moving fast. SpectrumNG Access Control System converts all doors, turnstiles and gates into secure access points, with critical activity logged and member check-ins recorded. Enforce both usage rules and individual memberships. This is speed, security, and efficiency in an easy-to-manage package.


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SpectrumNG Access Control System drives traffic through designated access points in a fast, secure environment, enforcing facility usage rules based on membership type. Eliminate administrative hassle with Access Control System and get back to delivering your best customer experience.


  • Convert an unlimited number of doors, turnstiles and gates (including garages) into secure access points for your facility.
  • Enforce facility access and usage rules based on membership type.
  • Monitor access point activity and manually open an access point from any computer in your facility using the ACS Viewer.

SpectrumNG Access Control System (ACS) provides a flexible access security system for managing member traffic flow. With the swipe of a card, ACS processes member data and grants or denies entry in milliseconds. A Check-In record is quickly created in SpectrumNG, allowing club members to move at their pace while all access activity is automatically logged into CSI Software.

Customize ACS to fit the needs of your location. All membership contracts are not the same, and ACS flexes to allow various levels of facility access and usage. IP-based ACS enforces specific contract terms, maintaining the integrity of your membership agreements.

If you need manual control, the ACS Viewer application monitors traffic and grants access to any access point in your facility. Design secure traffic flow any way you like.

ACS delivers both automated reporting and powerful security. Speed and efficiency for both you and your members.


Manage SpectrumNG Access Control System from a central location and eliminate additional hardware. Activate and integrate each location, or access point, with just a power source and Ethernet cable.

  • Door, turnstile or gate
  • Card reader (magnetic or bar code)
  • AR2 relay device
  • Open gear box
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power Supply


Once installed, SpectrumNG’s ACS facilitates member access automatically, communicating all access activity to SpectrumNG with lightning-fast precision.

  • Member swipes or scans his or her card.
  • Member’s data is sent through the ACS.
  • ACS grants access if the member’s data is valid.
  • A Check-In record is created in SpectrumNG.