So much data. We help make sense of it all.

What Is Daxko T2 Consulting?

Leading an organization has never been more challenging. Demographics are changing. Competition is increasing. Community issues are demanding. Decisions are high-stakes. You don’t need theory, cookie-cutter best practices or consultant speak.
Daxko T2 Consulting provides data-driven solutions for nonprofit and social sector organizations.


We Believe

  1. Data-driven solutions help nonprofits  and their volunteers fuel greater, measurable impact
  2. Any size organization can connect to our solutions no matter the budget
  3. Our solutions grow with our customers.
Daxko T2 Consulting is the only YMCA consultant team with access to more than a decade of member data. We combine the operational data, engagement tracking and primary research on nearly 600 organizations to get a true picture of current realities and future possibilities.

Millennial Mindset

This month we’ll be talking about the millennial mindset. We’ve done all the research for you and we have the tools to work effectively with this pivotal group. Join us for our T2 Millennial Mindset Digital Forum August 11.


Where We Can Help

Only Daxko T2 Consulting can compile the information from Daxko Operations, Daxko Engage, and our own primary research to answer tough questions.
For clients that use Daxko Operations and/or Daxko Engage, Daxko T2 Consultants get a big head start. Getting the baseline on key metrics and the benchmark against other like-organizations is the easy part. Then we take a deep dive into the tough questions you need answered. Next, our YMCA consulting team devises the custom research and analytics to understand how certain strategic moves are likely to play out in your community. From that data, we come up with a plan you can “take to the bank.”

Daxko T2 Consulting Areas of Expertise:

  • Membership
  • Financial Development
  • Organizational Development

About the Team:

Tom Massey is Senior Vice President of Daxko T2 Consulting. Together with Senior Director, Lori Swann, they lead a whole team of experienced, gifted nonprofit leaders.