Daxko Partners

Daxko is proud to partner with the following companies through reseller agreements or product integration. These companies provide valuable products and services that compliment our operations, engagement, and other products.


Is your facility a safe place?

We know your number one concern is the safety of your members and program participants. With visitors entering your facility every day, it’s important to know who’s coming and going.

Daxko offers a sex offender screening tool through Raptor Technologies that allows you to perform unlimited scans of your entire database at your convenience. This will allow you to quickly minimize the risk of known sex offenders becoming members, visitors, or volunteers. The process of scanning is simple—just four steps!

Why use Raptor and not just a state registry?

The state sex offender registries include only the sex offenders that are currently registered in that state.

If someone who is a registered sex offender moves to another state, they are required by law to un-register from their current state and register in their new state. During this transition they may not show up on any state list.

You can ensure the safety of your members, program participants, and volunteers for just $550 per year, per branch. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

Screen your database at any time in 4 easy steps:


About BoardEffect

BoardEffect is the industry leader in providing e-governance solutions tailored to fit the needs of your organization’s volunteer leadership. Through a  secure board portal, your executive staff and board volunteers share information, collaborate on projects, view meeting books, manage calendars, and vote on initiatives.

Secure Board Information Management

BoardEffect is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool hosted in a managed hosting facility with SAS 70 Type II certification, providing top-flight security for your board’s data, and 24/7/365 access for your directors.

BoardEffect Advantages

  • Expertise: BoardEffect is the market leader in e-governance, providing expert guidance, research, and publications on the successful use of board portals to enhance governance.
  • Ease of Use: BoardEffect is 100% web-based with an intuitive and familiar interface. There is no software to install, no changes to be made to servers or computer configurations, and no hardware to buy. There is nothing for in-house IT to support.
  • Easy Access: You can access BoardEffect from any computer or device with an Internet connection. You can also use BoardEffect on your iPad offline with the free iPad App.
  • Easy to Learn: Using BoardEffect is as easy as browsing a website. Board and staff can begin using the portal immediately after set-up. Staff and board training is included when you sign up.

E-Governance is Mobile

Now you can download and store your BoardEffect Meeting Books to your iPad, and read them anywhere — even if you don’t have Internet access. The free BoardEffect iPad App allows you to annotate your copy of the meeting packet, including typing notes, highlighting text, drawing, and more.


About eCard Transactions

eCard Transactions is a full service payment processor specializing in the recovery of failed membership transactions. The eCard Intelligent Advantage gives your YMCA the edge in collections. Partnering with eCard Transactions, Ys are able to focus efforts on core business responsibilities while eCard Transactions works diligently to achieve the highest recovery rates your YMCA has ever seen.

Increase Cash Flow with Intelligent Technology

eCard’s Intelligent Advantage involves a proprietary intelligent sweep technology that is centered on increasing cash-flow and eliminating the intrusive traditional collection activity on failed Paper Checks, EFT’s, Debit or Credit Cards. eCard’s solution increases your YMCA’s recovery rate by over 80% which can achieve a 98% and above membership retention rate. 100% value of the decline is deposited back into the YMCA’s account.

Account Updater helps to prevent disruption of member relationships by offering an opportunity to deliver a better customer service experience. Account Updater automatically provides notification of changes to cardholder account information more efficiently than with manual updates, which helps boost overall membership retention and will lower operational cost. eCard Transactions Account Updater service will bounce lost, stolen, expired and invalid credit card declines off the Updater database capturing the member’s new card information.

eCard Transactions guarantees the lowest merchant costs available for your YMCA when you take advantage of the eCard Intelligent Advantage. Find out why over 350 metro YMCAs are using the eCard Intelligent Advantage!

API Integrations

Daxko provides a simple, well-designed API for third party organizations to easily integrate with Daxko Operations.

Using Daxko’s API, these organizations are developing applications that allow YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers to use their member and program information in new and exciting ways.

Please visit these API partner sites to learn more about how they can help you do more with Daxko Operations:


Stark’s Program Connector allows you to import your Daxko programs directly into your website database in real time. You also have the ability to make your Daxko Programs match the look and feel of your website and when used in conjunction with your mobile/responsive website, you have the ability to display Daxko programs in a mobile view.


Alaris works with the Daxko API to provide enhanced Child Watch check-in and check-out for members and centralized Child Watch management for you and your staff. Deep reporting helps you make better operational decisions, capture lost revenue from unauthorized usage, and cut costs with improved staffing insight.


PLAYERSPACE works with the Daxko API to provide league and sports management. All your sports information will be available in a centralized, easy-to-use format that provides registration, team assembly and management, team communication and networking, and game reporting and statistics.