Only Daxko aligns a full suite of consulting services, impact services, and software under one partner. And Daxko has more accurate data on key indicators and individual involvement in JCCs, YMCAs, and mission-based community centers than anyone in the world. We believe that collectively we can make better progress than any one of us could make alone.

Daxko’s customers grow 2x faster than associations not partnered with us, and nobody can touch Daxko’s track record for successful project implementation and amazing ongoing service.
WE PIONEER COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS that work together to solve big challenges.
We deliver exceptional experiences through authentic relationships we build with JCC professionals. We drive the strategic impact our customers have on their communities by combining our strengths toward common goals.
TOGETHER WE BUILD HEALTHIER ORGANIZATIONS that operate at top levels of efficiency.
Together we drive involvement through membership growth, engagement, program participation, volunteerism, and contributions. Together we demonstrate the impact we can have on entire communities—one child, one family, one community at a time.
As a JCC executive, you have a key role in the long-term success and direction of your organization. Decisions you make today will impact your members, your staff, your community, and your legacy for years to come. Daxko can help.
Membership at the JCC means sharing community activities based on Jewish values. Whether it’s gaining new members, retaining the ones you’ve got, building personal relationships, or reporting outcomes, Daxko can help.
With healthy financial support, your JCC can meet the needs of the community, provide scholarships to those who need them, support the programs that deliver on the mission, and set your sights on reaching even more people. Daxko can help.
The JCC programs and events you deliver are important because: They are where the mission lives. With so many programs each year, that means slots to fill, schedules to keep, rosters to check, and outcomes to report. Daxko can help.
In a nonprofit, everyone has a role to play in sound fiscal management. Transaction processing and collections don’t have to be pain points at your JCC, and reporting can become second nature to your organization. Daxko can help.
Technology is taking us new places and opening new doors for your JCC, but it’s tough to keep up. With all those new doors — eCommerce, social media, mobile tech — there are costs and security threats that could put your JCC at risk. Daxko can help.