COVID-19 Response

The Re-Opening Playbook

Daxko recently gathered a distinguished panel of medical experts and industry leaders to discuss re-opening and operating safely in the new COVID reality. We’ve documented the panel’s collective thinking in the Re-Opening Playbook Version 3.0, a 47-page guide for your team.

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Rapid Recovery – Webinar Recordings

Navigating COVID-19 Launch – Watch Recording
Performance Analytics – Watch Recording
SMS Texting and Data Cleansing- Watch Recording
Daxko Engage- Watch Recording
PlayerSpace InCare – Watch Recording
Virtual Gym Experience with SugarWOD – Watch Recording
Fundraising in the Midst of COVID-19 – Watch Recording
Engagement Strategies to Re-Open Strong – Watch Recording
Member Surveys During COVID-19 – Watch Recording
Re-Shaping Your Brand for the Post-COVID Landscape – Watch Recording
Safely Re-Opening your Nonprofit & Operating in the “New Normal”- Watch Recording
Donor Toolkit: Data and Tools to Power Your Team – Watch Recording
Recover Together: Best Practices for Limiting Capacity at your Facility – Watch Recording
Recover Together: Cut Costs and Streamline Daxko Operations – Watch Recording
Recover Together: Outsourcing Payments Management – Watch Recording
Leading Through Uncertainty – Watch Recording

Gather with Group Ex PRO
Webinar Recordings

Leveraging Your White Canvas for Group Fitness – Watch Recording
What have at home workouts taught us? – Watch Recording
Investing in your Group Fitness Team and Community – Watch Recording
Communication Conundrums – Watch Recording
Secrets to Streamlining Group Fitness Communication – Watch Recording
Mind Your Business! – Watch Recording
The Group Fitness Trifecta – Watch Recording
Building a World Class Group Fitness Program – Watch Recording

NEW Podcast Series

accelerant – an idea, a thought that ignites us to act.

You are an accelerant for change in your community. You live and breathe a mission every day. In these conversations, you’ll hear from nonprofit leaders serving communities in unique ways. Their stories energize us. They accelerate change. Let’s learn and share with each other along the way.

New Health and Wellness Resources

The current reality of COVID-19 is going to require a concentrated, intentional, and nimble re-opening effort by nonprofit fitness leaders across the world. To the end, we have provided 84 world-class resources to help #recoverstrong together.

Reopening Playbook

We brought together a panel of leaders from across the fitness industry to develop a playbook of best practices to re-open and operate in the new COVID reality.

Resources for Clubs

In addition to the resources below, our sister-company Club Automation has produced additional dedicated guides, podcasts and webinars for the health club industry.

Resources for Boutique Gyms

Our sister brand, Zen Planner, has also developed dedicated free webinars, podcasts and guides for boutique health and wellness organizations.