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Why Healthy Culture Drives Success

Published On: Nov 5, 2020By

To state the obvious, we’re not perfect. Anyone who has spent time here and is honest will tell you that. Although we’re not perfect, there are some things we genuinely believe in and continuously try to improve upon.

One of those areas is around our intended Daxko culture.

Here are some quick insights into our fundamental beliefs around company culture that might be helpful as you think about your organization or team.

We believe a healthy culture is THE long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.

If you’re successful, others will copy your product features, pricing, marketing, and business model. But what’s difficult to copy is a team of highly talented people rowing in the same direction in pursuit of the same mission.

If you believe that, then culture has to be your top priority. It is not a luxury you put in place once you’re successful, but instead you have to believe it will be the driver of your success.

If you treat it that way, you’ll attract and empower talent that will deliver true value to your customers, which will make it far more likely you’ll effectively execute on your strategy and reach your goals and objectives.

But like most things in life worth doing, it isn’t easy. It requires focus, perseverance and most of all, leadership.

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