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What JCCs Need to Thrive in 2021

Published On: Jun 24, 2021By

Creating a legacy of changed lives means building meaningful connections to your mission. But every member, participant, and donor is at a different point in their journey with your JCC.

So much has changed for all of us over the past year. When it comes to your JCC, the same is true. We know that member safety, fundraising, winning back members, and gaining new members are all important to you right now. Here’s what your agency needs to do to thrive this year (and some resources we have that can help).

Meet Safety Expectations & Create a Contactless Experience

As pandemic recovery continues, members and prospects have new expectations for safety and a more contactless journey with your organization. Continuing to provide vital services while reducing risk will remain paramount because 78% of Americans still say the coronavirus pandemic is a significant source of stress in their life.

At the crux of improving safety for members and prospects is reducing physical contact. Contactless payments have skyrocketed in prevalence over the last year, and the trend has definite staying power. Of retailers that have activated contactless payments, 94% expect that the increase in usage will continue.

Since 2015, Tucson JCC has trusted Daxko’s suite of integrated systems to serve their diverse community and members. Listen to their story.

Boost Fundraising

To sustain a thriving mission, your team needs ways to expand its reach, deepen donor connections, and boost fundraising revenue. According to Daxko Operations Data,only 6% of members are one-time donors, and 3% are repeat donors. While member giving at your JCC may be low, charitable giving in the U.S. is actually on the rise (excluding 2020 data due to the disruption from the beginning of the COVID pandemic).

If you’re looking to give your members and community an easy avenue to become donors, we created our Fundraising Guide for you. Our five-step plan provides guidance along every stage of the fundraising lifecycle journey, giving information on tracking, marketing, and engagement strategies to help you succeed.

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Bring in New Members

The widespread, permanent closure of many facilities has created a huge number of members who are without access to the health resources they had before. Pandemic-related health issues have prompted many to consider joining a facility. Robust prospecting and a comprehensive member communication strategy can help your JCC win this new audience.

Strong communication plans are at the center of any strategy to bring in new members, and right now, the most successful communication plans clearly show how your mission impacts prospects lives and goals all while keeping people safe. On our most recent Accelerate Leadership Roundtable panel discussion, Kristina Boshernitzan, Member Experience Director at the Shalom Austin JCC, talked about how the key to keeping your community on your side is to have clear, consistent communication. Watch the webinar on demand or read our recap post.

Win Back Former Members

While bringing in new members is essential, winning back former members is just as important—if not more. On average, it costs 5 times less to win back a member than it does to acquire a new one. Former members know you, they support your agency’s mission, and they understand your value.

Now that the fight against COVID-19 is looking up, your team needs a way to target and recapture these members, showcasing how your services have improved since the pandemic. When it comes to creating messaging for your former members, it helps to have a robust member engagement software.

Reinvent New Revenue Streams

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s the importance of adapting to an ever-changing world. For JCCs like yours, that likely means reimagining program offerings and services to meet your community’s changing needs.

With research from market trends and peer insights under your belt, it’s time to take action to revise and improve your revenue streams, beginning with your programs. At this year’s JCC ProCon event, our Director of Enterprise Marketing Christy Brown contributed to the discussion and learnings with a presentation on reinventing revenue streams, where she provided an overview of market trends and peer insights, as well as a comprehensive action plan for reimagining programs to drive increased revenue.

Power Your JCC with Daxko

Our team works hard to regularly release new tools and resources to help JCCs thrive. We know that your agency needs specific functionalities to fuel your mission. For the past nearly 20 years, we’ve worked with JCCs of all sizes, and today we partner with more than 100 across the country.

Building meaningful connections to your mission isn’t easy work, especially when the future  can still feel uncertain. You deserve a technology partner who is devoted to your mission and provides an infrastructure of solutions that drive community transformation. Our Thrive Solution Packages are designed to fit a range of needs and organization types.

Schedule a free operational analysis with our team to learn how we can support your agency even further.

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