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Use Everyday Operations to Engage Members

Published On: Mar 15, 2021

An operational software system is likely something your organization relies on to complete important everyday tasks, such as drafting member fees or handling member check-ins. But are you relying on your system to help you better engage constituents? Check out this list of software functionality — and how you can leverage these items to get creative in connecting with your community.


The ability to include an alert on a member’s record can, for example, prompt front-desk staff to have a necessary conversation about billing upon check-in. But member alerts don’t have to revolve around negativity; use them to surprise and build relationships.

  • ‍Set an alert to congratulate a member on a set number of check-ins, such as 100th check-in or first check-in since surgery
  • If a member joined online, set an alert to welcome him on his first visit to the facility
  • Was the member one of your most active last year? Set an alert to inform and congratulate the member on his milestone


A great way to engage new members is to ask them about their interests during the join process. It’s one thing to just hand them a schedule. What if you proactively got them involved according to their goals?

  • By pulling a custom report based on interests, you can group new members with other new members of similar interests. The accountability and friend factors are key for retaining new joins
  • Remember: In order to drill down this well, good data must be entered upon joining, and on a consistent basis from member to member

Facility Usage

Besides using a facility usage report to monitor peak times and set class schedules, you can get pretty creative with the information you receive in order to celebrate milestones.

  • Look at the facility usage of all members over a set time frame, such as during an entire calendar year
  • Sort by number of check-ins and identify your top 10 facility users
  • Provide some sort of recognition for the members by posting their names and congratulating them on their commitments
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