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Track Your Marketing Success with Digital Analytics

Published On: May 24, 2021By

2020 was a year marked by unprecedented challenges. It was also a year during which YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers across the country got back to their roots by adapting to meet the changing needs of their communities. In 2020, Ys, Js, and community centers provided food boxes for families facing food insecurity, childcare for the children of essential workers, senior outreach programs, virtual wellness activities, and virtual learning programs. In addition, they served as sites for blood donation, as well as COVID-19 testing and vaccines.

As we move from a year of survival into a year of recovery, rebuilding, and growth, your organization’s fundraising campaign will be more important than ever. When reaching out to members, donors, or community members for donations, the story of 2020 will be a huge selling point. Show them exactly how their charitable giving directly impacts the community by highlighting the myriad ways your organization served during the pandemic.

Once you have a strong theme and plan for your fundraising campaign, maximize the effectiveness of your efforts with digital analytics. With conversion and digital analytics, you can track the success of each part of your campaign, empowering you to make changes and tweaks that will yield more interaction and higher donations in the future.

What Is Digital Analytics?

Digital analytics is a tool used by organizations for collecting, measuring, and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data. With digital analytics, you can see how your various marketing efforts — from ads and social media posts to specific webpages — are performing, measuring audience interaction and conversion rates.

For Daxko Operations users, tracking marketing success is easy. Our software integrates with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel, three of the most popular digital analytics tools, so you can get all your data sent directly to your Daxko account.

With full cross-domain tracking, you can see the full journey a user takes from clicking an ad, to being redirected to your webpage, and finally to taking action by signing up for a program or making a donation. This information is available for many of the different ways online users interact with your organization, including membership join and renewal, making one-time and recurring donations, and program and childcare registrations.

ROI Evaluation

One of the best uses for a digital analytics tool is to measure and compare the return on investment for various parts of your fundraising campaign. Maybe you want to know whether it’s more effective to send an email to existing members or run an ad? Sending an email is free, but an ad might reach more potential donors. With digital analytics you gain insight into which method generated more donations, so you know where to invest your time and budget. Or maybe you know you want to run an ad, but you don’t know which platform to run it on. By comparing campaigns side-by-side in Daxko Operations, you can see whether an ad on Facebook or Google performed better in terms of driving donations, then invest additional spend in the one that yielded more return.

A/B Testing

Once you’ve selected the ideal platform and medium for your campaign, digital analytics can also help inform what image, color scheme, and messaging you use to drive greater conversion. Rather than going with your gut as to which picture or message will resonate most with your audience, make a data-based decision using A/B testing. With Daxko Operations, you can make several ads (using different photos, messages, or color schemes), deploy each to a sample audience, then review comparative data on which performed best. After reviewing the analytics on clicks and conversions, you can disperse the winning campaign design to your audience at large and know your decision will maximize donations.

Ready to track your marketing success with digital analytics?

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