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Three Steps for Managing Successful Mergers

Published On: Oct 1, 2020By

We understand mergers are a sensitive topic.

It’s hard to envision your team’s operations and goals merging with another organization, but it is an option that some are considering as they make strategic decisions on long-term growth.

As the Movement continues these conversations, we recognize hat the idea of combining two organizations feels daunting. According to Mike Cassidy, VP of Operations for the YMCA of the East Bay, the time and work required to combining two teams into one is intense and extremely hard work. “People, systems, properties, and culture all have to be simultaneously worked on and cared for,” Mike said.

However, when it comes to merging two operating systems, we believe it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Below we have outlined 3 steps for managing successful mergers and making the process smother and efficient for your team.

‍Step 1: Think through data consolidation

As two teams come together, it is an opportunity to have a spring cleaning for your data. While there are many areas to align, working through tough questions can result in simplicity and improved reporting.

“We were hoping to reduce the amount of friction between our programs, our members, and our community,” Mike said. “We don’t need 18 members categories, we need six. Daxko helped facilitate those tough conversations in streamlining that system.”

Step 2: Establish Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) give both teams a common language to reference when working in the new combined system.

These processes should be established prior to launching on the new system but updated regularly as technology and team needs evolve.

“Our SOPs are a living and breathing system,” Mike said. “Our Daxko task force meets quarterly, and we review SOPs, hot issues, new releases and what we can purge. We will have Daxko in on a call on occasion to make sure we aren’t having any unrealistic expectations.”

Step 3: Leverage Experts

Our services team at Daxko has helped 32 organizations come together and consolidate within the last two years. Their robust process guides organizations through the merger experience, helping to decrease friction along the way, and ensure there is no stone left unturned.

“Daxko was instrumental in integrating our systems,” Mike said. “In 29 weeks, we created a far simpler framework and integrated all of our program and member data.”

Schedule a complimentary virtual systems analysis and discover ways we can help you through this process.

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